Burnout Breeder tries to get daughter high for the ‘experience’.

John B. Pierce

JPD: Dad wanted young daughter to “experience” marijuana:

38-year-old John B. Pierce of Jonesboro, Arkansas was recently arrested for allegedly trying to get his daughter high. I wasn’t able to find out the daughter’s actual age but the article called her ‘young’ so take that as you will.

Police were called to the home on a report that Pierce was trying to get his daughter high. While police were questioning Pierce not only did he pull out a bag containing multiple boxes of rolling papers but police say they found two pill bottles filled with weed in his pockets. Hiding weed in pill bottles? That’s brilliant. No one has ever thought of that before. Oh wait, except for every stoner ever. I bet he hides his joints in cigarette packs too.

Speaking of joints police say that Pierce’s daughter, the one he was trying to get high, turned over two joints to police.

In his defense Pierce said “I was trying to experience my daughter.” There’s no way that sentence can be uttered that makes everything ok. I think this low life was just looking for smoking buddy and his daughter was the nearest person available. If by experience he meant he wanted his daughter to experience how most drug addicts get started then it was almost mission accomplished. It’s a good thing that this girl had a much better head on her shoulders than her uni-brain celled Breeder.

With the recent resolutions passed in Oregon and Colorado I expect to see a lot more of these types of stories.

Thanks to Susan for the tip.