Canadian craigslist murder?

Police locate 2nd man allegedly lured to Edmonton garage:

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the murder of John Brian Altinger. In October he was lured to the garage of Edmonton filmmaker Mark Andrew Twitchell where it’s alleged that Twitchell stabbed Altinger to death.

The reason the murder made headlines outside of Canada is Twitchell was a fan of the TV show Dexter which focuses on a forensic worker who is also a vigilante serial killer.

It’s alleged that Altinger was lured to his death under the pretense that he was about to meet a woman.

What none of the media are telling us is that according to a blogger at Smut and Steff who knew Altinger is that the site he met the ‘woman’ over was craigslist.

That would make the third confirmed murder where craigslist was involved in some way.