Kik kreeper used own son in child porn exchange

John Curtis Ehly

John Curtis Ehly

47-year-old John Curtis Ehly, of Medford, Oregon, is accused of allegedly using a picture of his own son in an attempted child porn exchange on Kik. While the picture of his toddler son was not explicit it doesn’t make this story any less disturbing.

Ehly allegedly had engaged with a user who uploaded images and videos of child exploitation using the messenger. The user reportedly asked Ehly, “U got any?”

According to police, Ehly’s response was, “No, but in 2 months there will be lots.”

When the user asked why, Ehly allegedly uploaded an image of a toddler sitting in a stroller with his back facing the camera and commented, “To young to model yet.”

Thankfully the person he was talking to was an investigator for Homeland Security.

Another disturbing fact from the Mail Tribune article says that the Kik entry on Wikipedia has its own section about child exploitation. Sure enough, it does. However if you’re a reader of this site you already know that Kik is a veritable hive of pedophiles and sex offenders.