Ohio woman charged with squeezing infant to death

Prosecutor: Mom Squeezed Daughter, Causing Death:

25-year-old Samantha A. Smith of Milford, Ohio has been arrested in the death of her 11-day-old daughter. The girl died on Dec. 20th of last year. Authorities say that Smith admitted to squeezing the baby because she was constipated which caused the baby’s intestine to rupture. What the hell? If that was really her motivation babies aren’t Play Doh toys for God’s sake.

There was evidence of other abuse too. Neighbor’s claimed that the baby had bruises on it’s face like someone had pinched the baby’s cheek to the point of contusions. Smith also canceled a doctor’s appointment for the baby three days before her death. Police believe that was to cover up the abuse.

also arrested was Smith’s boyfriend 26-year-old John D. Foster. Both have been charged with manslaughter and child endangerment.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.