First Coast creeper charged with MeetMe sex attack on teen

John Daniel Hatch

John Daniel Hatch

Man held on lewd battery charge:

Nassau County man charged with sex attack on teenager in Clay County:

25-year-old John Daniel Hatch has been charged with allegedly having sex with (child raping) a Clay County, Florida girl. The girl’s age has not been mentioned but is somewhere between 13 and 16. That means she’s younger than 16 for you tools who can’t comprehend things.

Hatch met the girl on MeetMe where she supposedly agreed to have sex with him. Police say that Hatch showed up at the girl’s house with two people, a man and a woman. Police were called to the house when the girl’s parents noticed a reasonable amount of money missing. The theft is still being investigated.

First let me address the pedo-defenders out there. I already know what you’re going to say. “She’s just blaming Hatch for the missing money when she really took it.” That’s all well and good but police seem to have some, let’s say genetic evidence, where they feel comfortable enough that Hatch still raped the girl. And don’t even give me the she lied about her age crap. That’s never been a valid excuse to commit child rape.

Now let me address the parents of teenage girls. Show your kids these articles I linked to. Show them when they invite someone over to their house they don’t know how many people they might be bringing. This girl is lucky that she wasn’t killed. If they had killed her they may have never been caught.