Prosecutor Scumbag Peepants does off himself

Prosecutor jailed on child sex charges commits suicide:

You remember John David Roy Atchison don’t you? In case you don’t he was the federal prosecutor from Florida who went to Michigan to have sex with what he thought was a 5-year-old. It also turned out that Atchison had a diaper and urination fetish. Also while he was in custody he tried to kill himself.

If you didn’t notice I’m talking about him in the past tense. It seems that he was successful this time in ending his own life.

He hanged himself this morning at the federal prison in Milan, where he was taken after trying to commit suicide last month at Sanilac County Jail, authorities said.


Thanks to Soobs and my lovely and talented wife Jade for the link.

Prosecutor Scumbag Peepants tries to off himself

Prosecutor in sex sting arrest attempts suicide:

It seems that our favorite diaper wearing scumbag pedophile prosecutor John David “Roy” Atchison tried to off himself today. Let me get out the violin…

John David “Roy” Atchison, the Florida federal prosecutor indicted for allegedly flying from Pensacola, Fla., to Detroit to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, tried to hang himself early this morning at the Sanilac County Jail, officials confirmed.

The 4 a.m. suicide attempt came only one day after Atchison asked a federal judge to take him off a suicide watch and assured her he would not try to harm himself.

Atchison tied a sheet around his neck, but the suicide attempt was discovered by sheriff’s deputies before he had a chance to harm himself, Sheriff Virgil Strickler said today.

“One of the other inmates hollered that he was doing it,” and jail deputies responded quickly, Strickler said.

The inmate in the adjacent cell raised the alarm.

When I first caught this story on Topix I left a comment that said I wish he had finished the job but I now take that back. I want there to be a long and lengthy trial followed by the longest prison stay possible. I want him to live his hell every day for the rest of his life.

As an added bonus someone did a Yahoo search for Atchison’s MySpace handle “fldaddy04”. Besides my site it also brought up a message board called….ugh, I’m so disgusted…The PeeSearch Community. I was unable to access the user profile and I was not about to go through the requirements to view it. But there at least was a user on that board with the username fldaddy04. Draw your own conclusions.

Prosecutor Scumbag

Feds: Prosecutor sought ‘younger girls’ on MySpace:

I’m sure by now most of you have heard the story about Florida Federal Prosecutor John David Roy Atchison. Never trust a man with four names by the way. He was arrested for trying to arrange to have sex with a 5-year-old girl from Michigan. That 5-year-old girl turned out to be an undercover investigator.

Our cousins at Detroit Free Press quote police who say John David Roy Atchison, 53, arrived at the airport in Detroit “with a Dora the Explorer doll, hoop earrings and petroleum jelly for a 5-year-old he planned to have sex with” following a series of online conversations with an undercover investigator.

“Atchison reassured the sheriff’s deputy who was posing as the child’s mother that he would not hurt the 5-year-old because he goes ‘slow and easy,’ and ‘I’ve done it plenty,'” The Detroit News reports.

Atchison is married with children, according to the Free Press, which says he runs a youth sports group in Gulf Breeze, Fla.

So God only knows how many victims this scumbag has.

Anyway it turns out that Prosecutor Scumbag had a MySpace…

A page that a criminal complaint identified as belonging to John David Roy Atchison, an indicted federal prosecutor from Gulf Breeze, Fla., said he enjoyed spoiling young girls.

Under the user name fldaddy04, name John and caption “Experienced, understanding Daddy,” Atchison allegedly described himself in his profile as:

“Handsome, educated, professional, experienced Daddy. I love younger girls. Like everything about you…how you think, talk, act. I’m very understanding and supportive..,never ever judgmental.”

The profile goes on to say that he would like to “pamper, spoil, change and take care of” girls.

His general interests are listed as “surfing, diving, boating…everything to do with the water…music and cute girls.”

Just copying and pasting that made me ill.

A prosecutor and a pedophile. They’re going to love him in prison.