7 men arrested for using craigslist to lure minors

Seven using craigslist face sex charges:

Police in Henderson, Nevada have arrested 7 men for using craiglist’s casual encounters section to lure minors for sex since February.

47-year-old Thomas Doucette of Las Vegas allegedly posted a blatant ad that said he would perform sex acts on “all bi str8 boys and guys” in a Lowe’s rest room. That seriously makes me not want to use the rest room at Lowe’s any time soon. When Doucette was arrested he told police that he had HIV. How nice that he was willing to give it to his victims.

John Douglas Dignan allegedly posted an ad looking for a teenage girl. He claims he didn’t mean someone underage. However when police posed as an underage girl he originally passed but then sent a message that said “r u a law enforcement person trying to entrap people? if so, forget it. if not, ok send me a pic.” It seems like Dignan believed the old if I ask you have to tell me you’re a cop myth. When cops arrested him at a hotel room he had the usual child molester cocktail of wine coolers and condoms.

One of Henderson’s finest had a great quote in the article as to why people keep doing this even with the proliferation of such programs like To Catch A Predator…

But Capt. Robert Wamsley compared the situation to a shark’s mouth: When sharks lose teeth, a new row of teeth moves forward. People still using the Internet for inappropriate sexual contact are that new row, he said.

How long will it be until craigslist’s casual encounters section comes under fire from government. After all it was the section of the site that a North Carolina man allegedly used to set up the rape of his wife. Not to mention all the other harassment that continues to go on unabated.