IL craigslist creeper wanted to take girl's virginity

Aurora man charged with soliciting teen for sex on Craigslist:

IL craigslist creeper wanted to take girl's virginity

44-year-old John E. Jones of Aurora, Illinois (party on Wayne) was arrested for allegedly soliciting a 13-year-old girl for sex on craigslist. After responding to an ad on craigslist Jones allegedly said he wanted to take the girl’s virginity all the while cognizant of her age. He traveled to Cook County to meet the girl at a 7-11, another preferred meeting place for creepers. But we know how this story ends don’t we? The girl was actually the Cook County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Much like a lot of their Florida counterparts the Cook County Sheriff’s Department has been very proactive about crimes on craigslist, especially sex trafficking and child predators. I’m also going to assume that they didn’t have any participation from craigslist in this investigation until after the arrest.

When you rely on creepers for your community policing purposes don’t be surprised when the real police step in.