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Emo Douchebag John Hock sentenced to 2.5 years for live streaming assault

John Hock. What emo douchebags look like in prison.

John Hock. What emo douchebags look like in prison.

22-year-old emo douchebag John Hock of Arizona was arrested back in 2009 for sexually assaulting his then girlfriend while she was passed out from drinking. Not only did Hock assault her while she was unconscious but he did so while live streaming it on the webcam site Stickam.

Hock was a minor Stickam celebrity/attention whore who had somewhat of following by other Stickam attention whores who came to his defense more or less blaming the victim for underage drinking instead of  focusing on the real crime.

Anyway the John Hock who so many thought should go free was sentenced this past week to 2 1/2 years behind bars with time served so he’s only really going to serve about a year.

Not enough if you ask me. Not only did he practically rape this girl but he did it live on the internet. However I’m guessing his effeminate mannerisms that he displayed on Stickam will make him some friends on the inside. It might be a long year for John Hock.

Since that time Stickam has cleaned up its act however it’s still not a site you should let your children on unattended.

Emo douchebag John Hock pleads guilty

John Hock

John Hock

Man guilty of posting footage of him sexually assaulting his unconscious girlfriend online:

You remember John Hock don’t you? He’s the emo douchebag who broadcast the sexual assault of his drunk and unconscious girlfriend on Stickam while at her house in Phoenix.

After all his internet flunkies came out and proclaimed his innocence after his arrest he’s pleaded guilty to the 2009 assault.

Hock pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted sexual assault and one count of voyeurism. I’m sure we’ll hear about how he was railroaded and the cops were out to get him.

He’ll be sentenced in October. No word on what the sentence may be but as usual I’m sure it won’t be enough. I’d be surprised if he even sees the inside of a cell.

Stickam on the other hand has reportedly cleaned up its act by removing the private room option since then. I still wouldn’t let your kids use it though.

The New York Times on Stickam

Three Sex Crime Arrests Among Stickam.com Users So Far This Year:

It seems I’m not the only one keeping an eye on Stickam. Brad Stone of the New York Times has written a pretty good article about the seedier side of Stickam from its ownership by a Japanese porn company to the arrests this year of Lawrence Silipigni, emo douchebag John Hock, and Richard Allen Chaney.

Mr. Stone e-mailed Stickam head honcho Steven Fruchter about its policing policies and the only answer he got was from a lackey who said that Fruchter didn’t want to answer those questions.

What’s a matter Steve? Got something to hide?

Hock’s lawyer says no rape on video

John Hock

John Hock

Lawyer: Video fails to show Internet rape:

The lawyer for everyone’s favorite internet attention whoring emo douchebag John Hock says that there is no rape on the infamous stickam video because there was no penetration.

That contradicts what some of his own defenders have said on this very site. More than one commenter has said that some ‘sexual stuff’ did take place. They didn’t elaborate on what ‘sexual stuff’ means but I doubt it means the kiss on the cheek that Hock’s lawyer claims is the only thing remotely sexual that happened.

His lawyer even goes one step further by trying to bring internet drama into the courtroom. He claims that the whole situation was orchestrated by the owner of StickyDrama.com who the lawyer claims is an enemy of Hock.

Stickydrama’s owner, Christopher Stone, said he regularly criticized Hock on his Web site for his crude behavior, but enemy is too strong of a word.

“Sure I didn’t like him, but I also don’t like Pat Buchanan, but am I an enemy of Pat Buchanan,” Stone said.

Not surprisingly in my opinion the emo douchebag’s lawyer is also a douchebag.

Alleged Stickam rapist John Hock indicted

John Hock

John Hock

Man accused in Web assault charged with 3 felonies:

Webcast rape suspect indicted:

Everybody’s favorite emo douche attention whoring alleged stickam rapist that no one even heard about until 8 days ago, John Hock, has officially been indicted for his ‘alleged’ crimes.

A Maricopa County, Arizona grand jury indicted Hock on three felony charges. Those charges were two counts of sexual assault and one count of voyeurism.

Some stickam users revolt

Ever since I posted the story about alleged Stickam rapist John Hock I’ve gained some new twitter friends. Those new friends are former Stickam users who have left the site in disgust after the inadequate handling by Stcikam in the case of John Hock.

One of those former users is Ron Purtee and he posted the following video on YouTube. NSFW language.

He makes all the right points. However Stickam claims that the video was never on their site. Some of the Stickam users seem to think otherwise.

Stickam CEO issues statement about broadcasted rape

John Hock

John Hock

Man accused of airing rape of woman online: (5th story down)

Stickam CEO Steven Fruchter issued the following statement about the alleged rape committed by John Hock (pictured) that was broadcast over Stickam.

“All of us at Stickam are deeply concerned about the well being of the young woman who was involved in this incident and our thoughts are with her and her family,” Fruchter said. “Our investigation, while still in progress, indicates that the Stickam site monitor team did in fact ‘ban’ the account of the person arrested, and the live broadcast of the incident was terminated immediately upon notification.

“Further, to the best of our knowledge, a video of the incident was never published on the Stickam Web site.”

So Hock’s account was banned and the broadcast was terminated once they were notified. So it took someone in the private room to flag the broadcast before it was stopped. I’m sure that will comfort the rape victim greatly.

Here’s a thought Steve. How about doing away with private rooms? The majority of your users are underage teens that have no real reason to have private rooms. The private room feature is just too attractive to sexual predators and pedophiles.

I’d be very surprised if that happened because I’m sure that would drive away the majority of Stickam’s traffic.

I wonder how many serious crimes like this have actually happened on Stickam that went unreported.

John Hock accused of raping woman live on the web

John Hock

John Hock

Police: Woman raped live on Web site:

That my friends is one 20-year-old Johnathon Richard Hock of Surprise, Arizona. He’s accused of setting up a webcam in the bedroom of a Phoenix girl that he was dating at the time. After she passed out from drinking too much alcohol it’s alleged that Hock raped her while she was unconscious and streamed it live on the web using a popular streaming site. Hock admits that ‘something happened’ and knew she was unconscious but it wasn’t rape. Yeeeeeah, right.

And for extra scumbag points

In the video, Hock reportedly made comments about him being able to commit the assault without her knowledge while he performed various sexual acts, according to the court document.

The rape is said to have taken place on February 26th and Hock was just arrested Monday.

In Hock’s mugshot it looks like he’s cleaned himself up. If you don’t know what I mean here’s his Facebook fan page. Apparently he thinks he’s some kind of internet celebrity. I don’t get who would want to watch this emo douche anyway.

I can’t say for certain which site Hock used to broadcast the rape but I did find multiple Stickam accounts for Hock. Coincidence?

In the past I’ve called Stickam the pedophiles’ playground because of it’s no age limit and lack of moderators. Once a room goes private in Stickam the only chance of moderation is for someone in the room to flag it. Basically they’re letting the inmates run the asylum and we all know how well that worked out for craigslist. Apparently it’s not just the pedophiles’ playground but it may be the predators’ playground as well.

To all you Stickam defenders, you can take your ‘vibrant community’ and shove it.