The consensual and criminal can co-exist


Judge in Craigslist ‘sex-slave master’ case says consensual S&M can be criminal:

In the case of John Hopkins a judge has ruled that an S&M relationship can cross over into being rape, kidnap and torture.

If you’re not familiar with this story Hopkins is accused of making a 27-year-old Wisconsin woman his sex slave after promising her free rent on craigslist. Hopkins claims the pair were in a consensual BDSM relationship for two years. However the judge says that does not excuse some of the things Hopkins is accused of doing.

“We’re dealing with two individuals with varying degrees of mental instabilities,” Judge Patricia DiMango said in the case of accused sicko “master” John Hopkins and his alleged victim, a 27-year-old Wisconsin woman.

“In these types of situations, with the facts presented by both sides, both the consensual and criminal can co-exist,” the judge said.

“At some point, it can change to a situation where no means no. There comes a time when they’re not playful fun any more and they become dangerous — criminally dangerous.”

Still, the judge said, “I’m not denying that at some point and at some time this abuse and torture was consensual.”

The article states that the victim claims she broke her hand trying to escape from being shackled.

Right now to me this seems like a he said/she said kind of case but still, as I said previously, with the injuries that the victim sustained the judge may be right in saying that the consensual and criminal can co-exist.

UPDATE: Hopkins has pleaded not guilty.

Sex slave may not have been one


Craigslist ‘sex slave’ e-mail trail:

It figures. As soon as I post the story about the Wisconsin woman who claims that she was being held as a sex slave by a guy she met on craigslist it turns out that may not be the case.

The attorney for the suspect, John Hopkins, says that the woman allegedly had a BDSM type relationship for over a year and that they did not meet on craigslist.

“i yearn to serve my Master better. can i cook for you tomarrow? i love you so much.,” she allegedly wrote in the e-mail, which she signed “sub,” apparently for the S&M term submissive.

Even if that is the case John Hopkins may still be a rapist. Again I think the injuries that the victim sustained indicate rape.

More on this as details become available.

WI woman held captive and raped as sex slave in Brooklyn


Wis. woman says she was held in NYC as sex slave:

I’m sure you’ve all heard this story by now. A woman from Wisconsin responded to an ad on craigslist from a man seeking a roommate in Brooklyn, New York. The man offered to pay for not only her plane ticket from Wisconsin to New York but would pay her rent if she cooked and cleaned for him. Not to make light of the situation but with most too good to be true offers on craigslist too good to be true is a massive understatement.

Rather than cooking and cleaning police say that 45-year-old John Hopkins made the 27-year-old woman his sex slave. He allegedly chained her to a radiator, repeatedly beat her and raped her and forced him to call him master. This all went on for eight torturous days. Supposedly he only let her leave the apartment so she could go to work. More on that in a little bit.

The woman was treated for rectal bleeding and bruising. I’m sorry but that does not sound like a normal BDSM relationship to me.

As far as why the woman kept returning to the apartment I have a theory that was brought forth by lovely and talented wife Jade. She believes that since Hopkins probably had her personal information in order to purchase her plane ticket he probably threatened her family if she did not return. I have an addendum to that theory as well. The victim had a job as a chef on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. To me that sounds like this could have been her dream job and that she didn’t want to risk having to leave New York.

Both of those, to me, show just how much of a manipulative predator that John Hopkins can possibly be.

Also I would strongly recommend never falling for the craigslist ads that say that they’ll pay for your half of the rent in exchange for domestic services. More than likely they’re after something else.

Thanks to Courtney for the tip.