John Katehis sentenced for murder of George Weber

John Katehis perp walk

John Katehis perp walk

Brooklyn teen John Katehis gets 25 years to life in prison for murder of ABC reporter George Weber:

John Katehis was 16 in 2009 when he brutally murdered New York radio personality George Weber by stabbing him to death over 50 times. Today the self-proclaimed satanist learned today that he will spend 25 years to life behind bars.

During the sentencing hearing Katehis made an alleged apology.

“For the death of George Weber, I am sorry,” he said. “I regret it.”

That’s a load of crap. Katehis was the one who put the craigslist ad out there offering himself for sexual liaisons with older men with the purpose of making someone a victim. (Previously I had posted that Weber placed the ad but I was incorrect.)

You smiled and winked during your interrogation, you showed up to court with satanic scribbling on your shoes and you tried to get money out of the New York media for your statement. As usual with scum like this you’re only sorry that you got caught. You’re not such a badass now are you?

John Katehis convicted in the murder of George Weber

John Katehis perp walk

John Katehis perp walk

‘Satanic’ Teenager Convicted of Killing Carroll Gardens Radio Host:

Speaking of craigslist killers you all remember John Katehis don’t you? At the age of 16 in 2009 Katehis was arrested for the brutal stabbing death of New York radio host George Weber. Weber had posted an ad on craigslist looking to pay someone to perform oral sex on him and choke him. What ended up happening was Katehis responded to the ad and ended up stabbing Weber over 50 times. Katehis claimed self-defense but common sense dictates that 50 stab wounds is more than self-defense. Not to mention that Weber’s feet were bound.

On his social networking profiles Katehis claimed to be some kind of satanic badass. He laughed during his confession and showed up to court with ‘satanic’ scribblings on his shoes. He also wouldn’t talk to the press unless they paid him.

Last year a mistrial occurred when a lone dissenting juror refused to convict him. It seems that a new jury pool was all it took because Katehis has been convicted.

He’s looking at 25 to life and is scheduled to be sentenced on December 7th.

Mistrial declared in NY craigslist murder trial

John Katehis perp walk

John Katehis perp walk

Jury deadlocks in NY radio newsman’s killing:

John Katehis received a gift yesterday. The gift of hope that he might not actually spend 25 to life behind bars for the brutal murder of former radio newsman George Weber.

A mistrial was declared after a lone dissenting juror refused to budge towards conviction. I wonder what their deal is. I’m guessing that he either hated gays or was one of those kids shouldn’t be tried as adults types. Anyway none of that matters because I can’t see the people of New York allowing such a brutal killer to walk free.

I mean is anyone really buying the self-defense story? Katehis was the one who placed the ad on craigslist advertising himself for sex for money. Weber’s feet were bound and he was drunk. Is stabbing a man 50 times really self-defense? Not to mention the fact that Katehis has been acting like a complete tool since his arrest. He laughed during his confession. He came to court with ‘satanic’ scribblings on his shoes and he wouldn’t talk to the press unless he was paid.

A hearing will be held next week to determine what the next step will be.

Enjoy that glimmer of hope Katehis because you will be retried, you will be found guilty and you will be sent to prison for a long time where you’ll find out who the real badasses are.

George Weber’s accused killer appears in court

John Katehis perp walk

John Katehis perp walk

Teen charged in slaying of WABC newsman laughs at taped confession:

NYC teen recounts radio newsman’s killing in video:

Tempers flare in court in case of teen accused in WABC news slay:

It’s been a while since we talked about yet another accused craigslist killer John Katehis. In March of 2009 Katehis allegedly stabbed New York radio newsman George Weber to death after Weber placed a craigslist ad looking for sex. And by stabbed I mean 50 times.

Katehis is claiming that he freaked out after Weber gave him cocaine and produced a knife and stabbed Weber in self-defense, 50 times.

Katehis has not been helping his own defense since the March 2009 slaying. In one instance he refused to speak to the media unless it was for cash. In one court appearance he had ‘satanic’ scribblings all over his shoes. And of course there was his MySpace page of him posing with knives and claiming how much of a satanic badass he was.

His latest episode of not helping himself happened this week in court when his taped confession was aired. In the tape Katehis laughed at certain times while joking with investigators while he munched on a doughnut. While the confession was being played he was laughing along with himself in court.

Let’s not also forget that Katehis rolled Weber for $60 after he stabbed him. People who kill in self-defense even while on cocaine usually don’t rob their dead victims. Not to mention Katehis said that he exchanged his bloody clothes for Webers. Again if it was self-defense would he be trying to conceal evidence?

And it seems that Katehis’ lawyer isn’t helping either. Defense attorney Jeffrey Schwartz tried getting the judge recused from the trial because he felt the judge had a grudge against him.

“I cannot function as an attorney with a muzzle – and a blade pointed at my throat,” Schwartz told Firetog in court on Thursday.

Bad choice of words there pal.

Schwartz also claims that investigators and prosecutors terrified his client. Yeah, he’s so terrified that he joked and ate doughnuts and even laughed at himself in court. Sounds like a real scaredy cat to me.

George Weber’s plight should show you exactly how dangerous cruising for anonymous sex on craigslist could be.

John Katehis denied bail

Youth charged in newsman’s death denied bail:

Last week after shuffling into the court room with satanic scribblings on his shoes 16-year-old John Katehis was denied bail. You’re not helping yourself son.

Katehis is accused of killing New York newsman George Weber after answering Weber’s craigslist ad for sex.

John Katehis charged as adult

Teen John Katehis, accused in WABC newsman George Weber’s murder, to claim self-defense: lawyer:

I’ve gone over the ridiculousness of John Katehis’ self defense motive behind George Weber’s killing before so I won’t repeat myself. However I did want to mention that this is the first article I’ve seen that confirms that the 16-year-old Katehis has been charged as an adult.

Still no word on if the criminal kids crowd will come to his aid. You know, for a movement that says a teen is never an adult they sure pick and choose their causes.

Katehis wants cash


When visited by a New York Post reporter at Bellevue John Katehis basically said that he wouldn’t talk to a reporter unless it was for money.

“Is this a cash offer?” snarled Katehis. “Cash offers only!”

Once it became clear no money would be exchanged, Katehis shot up and yelled again, “cash offers only!” and stormed out.

He may not have killed George Weber for the notoriety but he sure is playing it up now.

Katehis was also visited by a former friend at Bellevue…

Katehis’s classmate, Daniel Rongo, was also at Bellevue yesterday to visit the jailed killer.

“He was always quiet,” said Rongo, 19. “John was never the fighting type. Nobody was afraid of him.”

But Katehis wasn’t happy to see his friend, telling him, “I always hated you at school. Stop wasting my visits.”

I still haven’t heard if Katehis has been charged as an adult. One would almost have to assume that would be a given.

Katehis pleads not guilty

Teen ‘Satanist’ Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of Radio Newsman:

Even though he confessed to police 16-year-old John Katehis has pleaded not guilty in the brutal slaying death of George Weber.

Katehis’ attorney claims that his client was being used by Weber and that the details of their relationship will emerge at a later time.

Katehis is being held without bond and no word yet if he’s being charged as an adult.

UPDATE: According to this article from WPIX in NY Katehis is stating that when Weber took out a knife to free his duct taped legs Katehis, being high on cocaine allegedly, freaked out and stabbed Weber twice. Except that doesn’t account for the other 48 stab wounds that Weber suffered.

Your new craigslist killer: John Katehis


If you follow crime news with any regularity I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the brutal slaying of WABC radio reporter George Weber in his Brooklyn home.

16-year-old John Katehis has allegedly confessed to stabbing Weber 50 times after a craigslist tryst gone wrong. The pair allegedly agreed to meet after Weber promised Katehis $60. According to the NY Post article Weber’s craigslist ad said that he wanted someone to perform oral sex on him and choke him.

Katehis contends that the pair drank vodka and did some coke before Weber pulled a knife on him. Katehis claims he took the knife and stabbed Weber. I can see this being used as a claim of self-defense considering that Weber was breaking the law himself. The age of consent in NY is 17. However stabbing someone 50 times goes beyond self-defense unless you’re being chased by Jason Voorhees. Let us also not forget that Weber’s ankles were duct taped. So it’s not like Katehis couldn’t have outrun him.

This story above all others should serve as the warning about anonymous craigslist hook ups especially for gay men.

No word yet on if Katehis has been charged as an adult.

Steve Huff has an in-depth post about Katehis’ online life.

Game Politics has a post about Katehis’ gaming habits. Which we both agree will be getting some undue blame in the future.