Breeders chain teen to table

Teen Chained In Home For 2 Days; Parents Arrested:

California police: Boy, 13, chained to table by father, stepmother:

I’m behind on stories so I’m going to have to do these rapid fire for the next few days.

Anyway in Sacramento, California 40-year-old John Vang, and his wife, 34-year-old Thong Vue were arrested for allegedly chaining Vang’s son to the table for two days. The 13-year-old escaped when the pair went out gambling. Where can you gamble in Sacramento?

Not only was the boy chained but police say he was beat as well while he could not defend himself. It is also being said that he was being punished for stealing something from a relative. What the hell did he steal, the crown jewels?

Thanks to CJB for the tip.