Three Okla. craigslist creepers caught in one sweep

Anderson and Walters

Anderson and Walters

Three arrested for Craigslist solicitations:

Craigslist Crime: Three in Custody for Soliciting Sex from a Minor:

In the city of Guthrie, Oklahoma three men in two separate incidents were arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from a 15-year-old boy on craigslist.

In the first instance authorities arrested 46-year-old Wallace Walters and 26-year-old Bobby Anderson. The pair was said to have been working together in their quest for the boy. They arranged to meet the boy at a local restaurant. They were unable to locate the boy and were arrested shortly thereafter.

The third man was 41-year-old Johnnie Jones. Jones was also arrested after not being able to locate the boy at the restaurant.

This restaurant they keep speaking of, I wonder if it had arches of the golden variety, but I digress.

The reason that the suspects could not locate the boy was because the boy was actually the Oklahoma Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Oops.

Here’s the thing that should wake people up about child predators like these. Guthrie is only a city of about 10,000 people yet they were able to catch three predators on their local craigslist in the matter of a weekend. Who knows how many are out there in that area that haven’t been caught yet. And as usual don’t expect craigslist to do anything about this. Since the media isn’t applying pressure on them anymore they could not care any less.