Neb. AG touts same old plan

Bruning Plan Would Keep Sex Offenders Off Networking Sites:

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning says that it’s of critical importance that it be made illegal for sex offenders to use sites like MySpace.

Like I’ve said to all the other Attorneys General before him that’s all well and good but how are you going to stop the unregistered sex offenders from using it?

He’s just another politician kowtowing to Luddite parents instead of telling them to monitor their kids internet activities.

MySpace deletes Nebraska sex offenders

MySpace Deletes 146 Nebraska Sex Offender Profiles from Site:

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning announced this past Friday that in the first half of 2008 MySpace has deleted the profiles of 112 sex offenders that are registered in Nebraska. In 2007 247 were deleted.

No word on what Nebraska is doing about the unregistered sex offenders or the registered ones that aren’t on MySpace.