Woman lets violent boyfriend beat baby to death

Man Charged With Murder In Infant’s Death:

Normally, like I’ve mentioned before, I post stories about guys who beat their girlfriends’ kids at the News of Doom section of CrimeNe.ws and this story is no exception. However in this case I really do have to take the mother to task for basically allowing this to happen.

20-year-old JonPaul Harms of Jacksonville, Florida was arrested for the beating death of 5-week-old Amari Copeland. He admitted to police that he fractured the baby’s skull because “The infant would not stop crying.” They’re babies numbnuts. That’s what they do.

Amari’s mother, 39-year-old Phoebe Copeland, has also been arrested with child neglect. She was found living in her car with her four other kids. Harms, fitting name, had been previously arrested in 2007 for domestic violence against Ms. Copeland.

So she basically knew that her 20-year-old boyfriend was capable of violence and she still allowed him to watch her baby. In my opinion she’s as culpable as he is.

And if you’re living in your car with your four kids you really shouldn’t be having any more.

Thnaks to LadyJade for the tip.