Another craigslist creeper looking for “the younger the better”

Undercover operation leads to arrest of alleged child predator:

Jory Lee Judd

Mulleted Gollum up there is 37-year-old Jory Lee Judd of Lindon, Utah. Allegedly he was seeking a young ‘precious’ on craigslist by posting an ad looking for ‘the younger the better’. That’s the extent of my Lord of The Rings puns by the way. A police sergeant from nearby Pleasant Grove responded to the ad posing as a 13-year-old boy. The pair exchanged messages with the officer repeating multiple times that he was only 13. That didn’t stop Judd from allegedly telling the ‘boy’ all the nasty things he wanted to do which included asking the boy if he could sneak out so they could have sex in Judd’s truck since Judd lives with his mother. Police arranged a meeting at a park where Judd was arrested.

Judd also allegedly admitted that he ‘had sex’ with a 15-year-old girl that he met on the internet and that he had child porn on his computer.

Ads like Judd’s are out in the open on craigslist every day and craigslist to this day refuses to do anything about them except relying on what they call community policing. How can the community police when it’s made up of scum like this?