Mesa man turned on dryer while 1-year-old was inside

Dad accused of turning on clothes dryer while son was inside:

19-year-old Jose Rocha of Mesa, Arizona was arrested on child abuse charges. His family members claim that when his 1-year-old son climbed into the clothes dryer to play the family went to get a camera because they thought it was cute. Rocha may have had other ideas as his family said that he turned it on while the boy was inside. Luckily the boy was not seriously injured.

Rocha and the boy’s mother claim that Rocha turned the dryer with his hand. Like that’s so much better.

I remember getting my ass chewed out by my aunt when I was little and I hid in her dryer. It’s never a good idea no matter how cute it is to let your kids inside of any appliance.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.