Daughters raped and tortured for 27 years

Dad raped daughters for 27 years:

Take one part Josef Fritzl and add one part Baby P and you have this case out of England where a male raped his daughters for more than 25 years. If they tried to fight back they would end up being beaten or tortured.

The Josef Fritzl part comes from the fact that going back to 1981 he raped his daughters for years which resulted in nine births, five miscarriages, five ‘terminations’, and seven children that have genetic deformities.

The Baby P part is that social workers visited the family on numerous occasions and nothing was ever done.

The man, who can not legally be named in England, pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to five concurrent (lame) life sentences. According to the British government the average that lifers stay in prison is 13 years. Not nearly long enough for an incestuous scumbag rapist like this assclown.

Thanks to Spaceman Spiff and Anon for the tip.