Practice makes, Perfect!

Serial Baby Beater



Ok… so I have had this one sitting in my inbox since before the holidays and have started and restarted it several times, I just really couldn’t find the words to express my disgust with the man above, Joseph Urquia (21).  You see, Joseph has been charged with fatally beating his 11-week-old daughter Joselynn.  Joseph is a pro at child abuse, as he also abused Joselynn’s older sister, 3-months-old at the time, in July of 2009.  He was charged with felony aggravated assault, but…. pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of simple assault and got just 18 months probation.  Now just think about it, if the first occurrence happened in July 2009 and he killed Joselynn in December 2010, this stellar example of DNA was still on probation for the original abuse.  Nice, I certainly hope everyone involved in that case can sleep at night, knowing had they nailed his ass to the wall then, Joselynn would still be alive today.

Joselynn’s short life came to a brutal end because  …. wait for it… yep, you guessed it, she cried and wouldn’t stop.  So daddy dearest PUNCHED his baby girl in the head at least two times, out of frustration.  This is a man according to CPS, was “very cooperative” during his probation and had taken anger management classes.  Well,  it appears the classes didn’t help and his daughter paid the price for doing what babies do. 

Joseph took his “lifeless and unresponsive” baby to the hospital and tossed out all the same stories they all do, but the detectives cried bullshit on his story and continued to question him and he admitted to beating her.  Is your blood boiling?  I’m right there with you, Joselynn did NOT have to die, this is a man with a history of violence towards children, for crying out loud he beat his other daughter for the same reason.  Why was he alone with kids?  Why was he on probation?  I’m sick about it.  I honestly do not have the words to really describe how much this pisses me off.

Joseph was charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail.  After receiving the autopsy results the prosecutor will decide whether to seek the death penalty.  I am not sure I see what there is to decided, he beat both of his children and successfully killed the second one.  Put him down he’s useless.

Rest in peace Joselynn… fly with the angels baby girl.