Joseph Brooks commits suicide while facing craigslist sex charges


Oscar Winner Facing Sex Charges an Apparent Suicide:

I’ve posted about 73-year-old Joseph Brooks before. He’s the Oscar winning songwriter who wrote the Debby Boone hit “You Light Up My Life”. He was facing charges that he used craigslist to lure aspiring actresses to his New York City home where he would date rape them.

He’s no longer facing those charges as he took his own life using a plastic bag and a helium tank this past weekend. Thanks for saving the taxpayers of New York further expenses.

It doesn’t matter how rich they may be, criminals will always flock to craigslist.

Joseph Brooks out on bail

‘You Light Up My Life’ Songwriter Makes Bail in Sexual Assault Case:

I originally posted about Joseph Brooks here and here. He’s the 70-year-old guy who wrote the song You Light Up My Life. He’s also accused of advertising for actresses on craigslist and ‘forcing himself’ on them. By forcing himself they mean date raping. Again for some reason the media doesn’t like to use the word rape for some reason.

Anyway the Oscar award-winning alleged date rapist is out on bail. He’s accused of raping anywhere between 11 and 13 women. Nothing like allowing an alleged serial rapist out on the streets.

Joseph Brooks indicted for craigslist rapes

Oscar Winner Joseph Brooks Indicted For Rape:

I originally posted about Joe, now Joseph, Brooks here. He’s the guy who won an Oscar for writing the Debby Boone hit “You Light Up My Life”. If that wasn’t crime against humanity enough he was also arrested back in January for allegedly drugging and raping aspiring actresses that responded to his ad on craigslist.

Now Brooks has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury for allegedly raping or sexual assaulting 11 women.

Also indicted was Brooks’ personal assistant Shawni Lucier for criminal facilitation for allegedly assisting Brooks in set up the assaults. Give that guy an A in lackeyness but an F for all around humanity.

You Roofie my Life

Songwriter Joseph Brooks, writer of ‘You Light Up My Life’, suspect in sex attacks:

For those of us who grew up in the 70’s/80’s may remember a sappy song that was played incessantly in the late 70’s called ‘You Light Up My Life.’ It was recorded by Debby Boone and stayed at the top of the charts for 10 weeks in 1977. The song was written for a movie by the same name and was written by songwriter Joe Brooks. That was pretty much Joe Brooks’ claim to fame. Now he has a claim to infamy.

The 70-year-old Brooks now stands accused in several sexual assaults going back to November of 2006. Brooks allegedly played up his showbiz connections on craigslist to lure aspiring lady thespians to his home. Once there it’s alleged that he used a date rape drug in them and sexually assaulted them.

Brooks had a stroke six months ago and is playing it up to the press.