Puking DUI killer

Alleged DUI killer’s MySpace profile depicts youth consumed with money, drugs and graffiti:

This is a great article from the Philadelphia Daily News which happens to be my favorite newspaper of all time. It’s about one 18-year-old Joseph Genovese Jr. Genovese is accused in the DUI death of one woman and the injury of another, both from who were only in town to see their favorite team, the St. Louis Cardnials, play the Phillies. Police allege that Genovese ran a red light while under the influence then struck 43-year-old Cindy Grassi, who was killed, and 36-year-old Sandra Wacker.

As what happens in some of these cases involving young kids police and media go looking at the suspect’s MySpace and they found a plethora of damning information. Genovese fashioned himself a pot smoking, drinking, tagging, thug on MySpace. I implore you to read the entire article so you can see the depths of ridiculousness on his MySpace. At one point he was using his mugshot as his profile pic.

Of course in real life he’s no gangsta at all…

According to one law enforcement source, Genovese was nowhere near as tough as he appears on his MySpace page when he turned himself in with his lawyer and family on Tuesday afternoon to AID.

The teen looked “pale-faced and kept throwing up,” the source said. The source said that Genovese didn’t say much, except that he was distraught over the incident.

He’s hardcore.

Now while this waste of matter sits in jail I’m sure I’ll be inundated by all his stupid buddies saying “FrEe J-BoNeZ” or some stupid crap like that.