Georgia middle school teacher accused of being Snapchat sleaze

Georgia middle school teacher accused of being Snapchat sleaze

Joseph John Scalise Jr.

(Story broke 6/13/2017)

I swear I’m not cherry picking these stories. If I get a Snapchat story about someone who’s not a teacher I promise I’ll post it. Until then…

46-year-old Joseph John Scalise Jr. of Harlem, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly soliciting a 14-year-old girl for explicit pics on Snapchat. Scalise is a middle school teacher, but I have not read if the victim is a student of the school or not. Sclaise has been suspended by the school board pending the outcome of the investigation and trial.

In my last post, I asked why are there an inordinate amount of teachers preying on students and children through Snapchat. My editor and proofreader, Lady Gray, supposes predators like this purposely try to obtain positions where they can work closely with children. I can’t say that’s not a valid hypothesis.