Sex offender pleads guilty to having sex with teen MySpace girl

Utah man guilty in sex with Stoughton girl he met on MySpace:

33-year-old sex offender from Utah, Joseph L. Hickerson, pleaded guilty in a Wisconsin court last week to having sex with a 14-year-old girl that he met on MySpace.

Hickerson originally told the girl that he was 17 then that he was 19 and then 25. None of which were obviously true.

At the time of his arrest Hickerson tried telling police that he was 16 then bolted from police. He was tackled by a civilian. He was busted when police found him and the girl in a middle school playground in sleeping bags. Police also found explicit pictures of the girl in Hickerson’s possession along with pictures of other girls.

In 2003 Hickerson was convicted of attempted sexual abuse of a child.

Using the alias of Nevin Roberts it seems that he actually got one over on the parents of the victim…

She told police her parents let her see him, but only at their home when they were present. They had sex when her parents left them alone for short periods. She said she broke up with him in late March, and he went back to Utah.

To make matters worse Wisconsin prosecutors could have sent him to jail for life as a repeat offender but chose not to. Why in he hell would they not choose to send a repeat sex offender to prison for life?

If he gets out he will offend again.