Backpage child pimp arrested for the 2nd time

Jonathan Padilla

Jonathan Padilla

Chicago teen charged with pimping 15-year-old — 2nd time in two months:

This is exactly what the problem is with child prostitution and human trafficking in this country.

18-year-old Joseph Padilla was arrested back in April during this backpage prostitution bust in Polk County, Florida. He was the one who allegedly pimping out a 15-year-old girl while her 2-month-old waited in the car with Padilla. You would think that someone who was pimping out a 15-year-old girl would still be in jail. Not so.

Padilla was arrested yet again, this time in Osceola County, for pimping out another 15-year-old girl. He had only been out of prison a week. Apparently whatever punishment he was facing it wasn’t enough to keep him from doing it a week out of jail. Bonds and sentences need to be seriously increased if this punk can pimp out children in less than a week from being let out of jail.