Boomalicious IV

More girls linked to sex abuse suspect:

It seems one of our favorite new fiends Joseph Polk, aka Boomalicious, may have some more skeletons in his closet. Not only did he allegedly pose as a teenage boy on MySpace to contact underage girls it seems that he may have done it on as well. On his profile Polk had 30 friends listed all under the age of 16. So investigators believe there still may be more victims.

But what makes this article so good is Polk’s line of defense.

Polk denies he had any sexual contact with minors and claims he set up the accounts to research Internet stalkers, said his attorney, Phil Studenberg.

What a coincidence that he just happens to be accused of inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old girl.

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Boomalicious III

Man Arrested Again For MySpace Sex Crimes:

Joseph Polk, aka Boomalicious, has been arrested once again for sex-related crimes involving a 14-year-old girl he met on MySpace after another victim came forward. Polk was arrested back in January for Having sex with a 14-year-old girl. Polk is 36. Police believe there still may be other victims.

Boomalicious II: Electric Boogaloo

Police: Suspect posed as teen:

I originally posted about Joseph Polk aka “Boomalicious” here. He is the 36-year-old from Klamath Falls, Oregon who posed as 15-year-old on MySpace in order to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. In addition to his Boomalicious profile he also had one under the username I-A-G. I was unable to find either. But to make matters worse Polk was a religion teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Like the Catholic Church doesn’t have enough problems with that. He was asked to resign that volunteer position by the church. The church has talked to the children under Polk’s tutelage and so far no abuse has been discovered.

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MySpace: Man Arrested After Sexual Activity With Teen:

36-year-old Joseph Polk of Klamath Falls, Oregon has been arrested for engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl.

The victim told a counselor that Polk had made contact with her in 2005 claiming he was a 15-year-old going by the screen name of “Boomalicious”.

The two arranged to meet, at which time the victim realized the suspect was older. During this pre-arranged meeting, the two engaged in sexual conduct including oral sex.

Detectives believe there may be other victims contacted by the suspect. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to call OSP Detective Dennis Yaws at (541) 883-5713 ext. 321.

I was unable to find a MySpace for Polk but I’m sure with a name like “Boomalcious” he’ll be quite popular in his new home of the Klamath County Jail.