Fugitive Backpage serial rapist caught in Georgia

Joseph Sivonda

Serial rape suspect taken into custody:

Accused serial rapist captured in Gwinnett County:

After being on the run for a week police in Gwinnett County, Georgia arrested 23-year-old Joseph Tyler Sivonda on rape charges. Police believe that Sivonda would order a prostitute off of Backpage and when they showed up to his apartment complex he would force them into a vacated apartment at gunpoint and rape them. Five victims have come forward but police say there may be more. However for someone who police believe is a serial rapist he’s only being held on $2400 bond. He should be held on at least a six figure bond. Anybody could post the bond that he got and he could be out at anytime looking for more victims.

Also this is yet another problem that Backpage has a hand in yet doesn’t do anything about as long as the money keeps coming in. They don’t care how many women and girls are raped, trafficked or killed.

UPDATE 6/22/2015: Sivonda was convicted and sentenced to three consecutive life terms.