Boston juvenile prostitute

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A Braintree man is in hot water after allegedly pimping a young girl on the Internet, police say.

According to the police report, the girl advertised herself as a prostitute on Craigslist. Police set up a sting to apprehend her.

A plainclothes cop met the girl on West Seventh Street Tuesday morning, and noticed she was accompanied by two males who waited for her in a car.

The juvenile allegedly offered to provide sex to an undercover officer for $175. After agreeing to the price, the cop placed the girl under arrest for prostitution while nearby cops confronted her companions.

Joseph Venezia of Braintree was charged with deriving support from prostitution, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and driving with a suspended license.

Damon Isles of Charlestown, the passenger, was arrested on drug charges, police said.

But it’s a victimless crime and these girls want to be prostitutes right? Give me a break.