Baby in car lent out to friend and stolen

Baby Found Safe After Being Left In Stolen Car:

This story is the Rube Goldberg machine of child abuse.

24-year-old Julinia Moreno of Seminole County, Florida lent her car to her friend, 24-year-old Joshua Barnes. The thing is that Moreno’s 18-month-old son, Jamir Worg, was still in the car. Barnes then took the car to a known dug house while the baby was still in the car.

While Barnes was in the drug house and the baby was still in the car the car was stolen by 36-year-old David Carver. Carver noticed the baby and left him on someone’s front yard. The woman who owned the house where the baby was left found him and called 911.

All three suspects have been arrested on various charges.

It’s one thing to leave your kid in the car but then to lend out the car that he’s in so it can be driven to a crack house is just monumental amounts of stupid.

Thanks to LadyJade and SG for the tip.