South Carolina craigslist creeper caught by cops

Joshua Paul Collins

Joshua Paul Collins

Police: Man solicited sex with child on Craigslist:

Central man arrested by Anderson police on predator charge:

Tonight we go The Electric City of Anderson, South Carolina. If only they had The Electric Chair there.

Anyway police in Anderson recently arrested 21-year-old Joshua Paul Collins for allegedly trying to solicit a child for sex on craigslist. Or as I call it here, looking to rape a child through craigslist.

Not a lot of detail on this but reports state that Collins posted an ad on craigslist that was responded to by a Anderson police officer with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force posing as a child. As usual in these stories Collins was arrested when he arrived at the ‘meeting place.

He’s being held on $100K bond and is looking at 20 years.

I wonder if this site would go longer before I post a story about a craigslist predator or a Backpage slave trader. Place your bets people.