Which form of abuse ended Janie’s life?

Court documents reveal child abuse

Toddlers Death Investigation Reveals Abuse

Police investigating toddlers death as a homicide

23-month-old Janie Buelna’s life came to an end on Friday March 11th.  Her custodial grandmother Juanita Rodriguez (43) found her unresponsive and not breathing ad called 911….. 45 freakin minutes LATER! Little Janie was pronounced dead at the hospital.  WTF!  There’s more to the story though, you didn’t think that was it did you??

According to the court documents Janie had endured weeks of abuse at the hand of her grandmother, including but not limited to punching, slapping and kicking.  Seriously… as I write this, my blood is boiling, obviously this cow was given custody of Janie for a reason.  I shutter to think what her life was before if granny was an improvement.  I want to put my bare hands around her throat and choke the live out of her. 

When firefighter and paramedics examined Janie they found a split lip, broken teeth, a large bump on her head and severe burns on both legs.  WTF!  Juanita (I’m an abusive tw*t) Rodriguez and her two roommates Christopher Lopez and Humelio Vasquez all admitted to abusing the little girl and have been arrested and charged with abuse, additional charges are pending.

Chris Lopez admitted to burning Janie, when he gave her a bath in scalding water, while high on meth.  He also told police that Abusive Twat  didn’t take Janie to the hospital for fear of CPS getting involved and losing Chris’s rent money.  Are you fucking kidding me you stupid bitch?  Twat and penis Vasquez admitted that Janie was in EXCRUIATING pain, to the point that she would beat her head against the wall and grind her teeth.  I am so disgusted that ANYONE, sit and watch that.  I am in tears just trying to get through this.  That poor baby at two years old she couldn’t even verbalize the amount of pain she was in and my heartbreaks just thinking about that.

Neighbors are now reporting that they heard sounds of abuse coming from the apartment, oh really… and what did they do you ask, not a fucking thing!  Charge those motherfuckers too.

The exact cause of Janie’s death has not been determined.

Her 3-year-old brother has been removed from the home, he was found bruised and with a black eye.

Mother Fuck!