Murder-suicide at Mt. Diablo

Las Lomas student, mother die in suspected murder-suicide at Mt. Diablo State Park:

By all accounts 16-year-old Adam Williams was the stereotypical good kid. Well liked at his school, a good student, a musician and an athlete. That’s why it came as a shock to his California community that his mother, Judith Williams, shot him in the back then in the head with a .357 before turning the gun on herself at Mt. Diablo State Park.

Some seem to think the reason behind the murder-suicide was that her company was failing. A week prior to their deaths Judith Williams had all her son’s pets put down without his knowledge or consent.

A lot of people in this country are having financial difficulties even including yours truly. However being rational and not cowards we persevere and don’t kill our kids and pets.

Again the old Trench Reynolds’ saying applies here. If you’re going to off yourself man up and go alone.

Thanks to Robyn for the tip.