MISSING: Juliana Carrozza

Fear girl’s in internet trap, kin of missing 12-yr.-old worry she may have met thug on MySpace:

12-year-old Juliana Carrozza of Brooklyn, New York is missing and her family believes she may have run off with someone on MySpace. According to her MySpace profile she listed her age as 17 and posed in provocative clothing.

She was last seen on November 14th getting into a black sedan possibly a limo.

Relatives said Juliana weighs 120 pounds and is about 5-feet-8. She was last seen wearing white pants and a couple of sweatshirts, one red and one white.

You can click the link to the article to see pictures of Julianna.

I really don’t mean to come down on her family but you have to be smarter than your kids even if they’re more adept on the computer than you are.

“She went on MySpace a lot, fooling me and my wife,” Carrozza said. “She knew how to delete it without us picking it up. The language on there was disgusting for a 12-year-old. There was guys there, too.”

No matter your age, no matter how much you trust your kids you have to keep them on a short leash when it comes to the internet. I don’t know where the computer was kept in their household but again I have to stress that when you have young kids like this the computer needs to be kept in a public area where the family can monitor activity on it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Carrozza family in hopes that Julianna is found safe soon.