Ren faire douchebag went medieval on his daughter

Fremon Seay. I dub thee Sir Douche of Bag

Father ‘beat daughter, 16, with willow switches and forced her into medieval sword fight’:

Medieval hobbyist accused of forcing daughter to swordfight:

I apologize to actual ren faire enthusiasts. I merely used the headline to put an image in people’s minds. It turns out that the subject of this post is what’s known as a LARPer. For those of you not familiar with the term LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. Not the kind of role play that requires a safe word either. LARPers like to go off in the woods on weekends and play a ‘real life’ version of Dungeons and Dragons.

Here’s the most infamous video of LARPers ever to his the web.

Take it from someone who used to play every Final Fantasy game ever made, this is pretty dumb.

Now that we have that out of the way back to our story.

The ‘man’ in question up there is 38-year-old Fremon Seay of Yelm, Washington. His 16-year-old daughter was arrested recently. Seay seems to think that she was at a crack house. Now if my daughter was still 16 and I found out she was smoking crack she’d be going to rehab. If I found out that she was just hanging out at crack houses there would definitely be some form of discipline involved.

What the discipline would not involve is challenging her to a wooden sword fight which is allegedly what Seay did to his daughter. He did this for 2 hours straight until the girl collapsed. But wait there’s more.

It seems that Ye Olde Douchebagge also got one of his other kids to cut him a switch Old Testament style and beat his daughter so bad on the thighs and butt that this was the result…

The daughter is pretty slick considering that she contacted police herself and took pictures of the damage as evidence that she gave to police.

When police showed up at the house the girl was in the front yard kneeling and crying.

Also arrested was Seay’s wife and the girl’s step-mother, 42-year-old Julie Seay. She’s also an alleged LARPer. She was arrested for not only not intervening but encouraging the abuse saying that the girl needed the smirk wiped off her face or something to that effect.

All of this behavior and abuse just seems to me that Seay’s ‘magic missile’ isn’t as big as he wishes it was.

Thanks to our own April for the tip.