Professional Juries

I was watching Law & Order tonight. I know it’s an overly dramatized show but it made me think of something. In a trial, whether it be civil or criminal, the fate of the defendant rests in the hands of 12 ordinary people yanked off the street. In most cases, these people have little to no knowledge of the law. We ask 12 people who more than likely would rather not be there to interpret the complexities of the law in rendering their decisions. I think this is woefully inadequate. I doubt you could pull 12 people off the street and have them locate Canada on a map let alone understand the law. My solution to this as you’ve probably guessed is professional juries. People that have backgrounds in law that are paid to be juries. They would be made up of attorneys from different specialties. Prosecutors, public defenders, family lawyers, etc. Not only do I think it would speed up the judicial process but I think some of the more idiotic verdicts of our time would have had different outcomes. Maybe OJ would have actually been found guilty. Maybe that woman would not have been awarded a gazillion dollars for spilling hot coffee into her lap. But like most theories mine would only work in a perfect world. In reality, I’m sure there would be deals made between lawyers on the case and lawyers in the jury. But it’s something to think about.