Chicago teens gang rape 12-year-old, post video to Facebook


Three teens charged with raping girl, posting video on Facebook:

Prosecutors: 3 teens posted taped sex assaults of girl, 12, on Facebook:

I’m surprised that the Chicago papers used the term rape in their articles. Then again I guess it’s hard to say ‘have sex’ when it’s done at gunpoint but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Police in Chicago recently arrested Scandale Fritz, 16, Kenneth Brown, 15, and Justin Applewhite, 16, for the alleged December rape of a 12-year-old girl and posting the video of the rape to Facebook. The girl went to Fritz’s house and when she got there police say that Fritz raped her in his basement. Fritz then brought his buddies Brown and Applewhite down into the basement who raped the girl at gunpoint while the entire atrocity was recorded by Fritz. Fritz is said to even have turned the camera to his own face. Brown was said to have been shown waving the gun while the trio shouted gang slogans. A few days later the video was posted to Brown’s Facebook then shortly thereafter on Fritz’s and Applewhite’s

So far to my knowledge it hasn’t been made public why it took investigators 5 months to make the arrests. However Fritz has allegedly admitted to making the video.

No word yet if the trio are being charged as adults but how can they not be. These scumbags deserve to spend the rest of their lives in the hole getting their karma tickets punched on a nightly basis. Where the fuck were their parents when all this was going on too? Maybe they should be jailed as well for being parental failures.

UPDATE 11/2/2013: A fourth teen has now also been charged with taking place in the alleged gang rape. Chicago police recently arrested 16-year-old Dyquier Garrett. Garrett is accused of raping the girl after being shown the video by Fritz.

Fritz told Garrett the girl, then 12 years old, would have sex with him also, prosecutors said. Garrett went into the basement with the girl alone and forced her to have sex, prosecutors said.

The reason the arrest took so long was that the police were waiting on forensic lab results.

UPDATE 2/22/2014: Fritz pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 26 years.

UPDATE 8/5/2014: Garret was recently sentenced to 9 years behind bars,