In death Larose-Cut Off shooter saved lives

School teen shooter’s organs donated:

Justin Doucet’s organs were donated after his death and may save the lives of many. As you know by now Doucet fired a shot at a teacher at Larose-Cut Off Middle School in Larose, Louisiana before running into the bathroom shooting himself under the chin. Doucet was in a coma before finally dying this past Saturday.

His parents chose to donate his organs and in turn his heart and liver have gone on to save two children and several more might be saved.

Larose-Cut Off shooter dies

Student who shot self after firing at teacher dies:

It’s being reported that Justin Doucet died over the weekend from his self-inflicted gunshot wound. Doucet fired a shot at teacher at Larose-Cutt Off Middle School in Larose in Louisiana before shooting himself under the chin.

He wasted his life. If he had surrendered to police after firing the shot he more than likely would have been charged as a juvenile. Now he’s given himself a death sentence for what I’m sure is something trivial.

Evidence released in Larose-Cutoff Shooting


Drawings, writings of Larose school shooter describe a “troubled” boy:

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Department made the evidence that was recovered from Justin Doucet public. Doucet opened fire at a teacher at Larose-Cutoff Middle School in Larose, La. before turning the gun on himself. The teacher was unharmed but 15-year-old Doucet is currently in a coma.

Anyway, Louisiana TV station WWL has posted a slideshow of the evidence on their website. I’m going to provide my own special brand of commentary on some of the pictures.

Picture 3: That’s the .25 calibre handgun that Doucet armed himself with. It may not look like much but from my limited knowledge of firearms low calibre bullets like this can be nasty. From what I understand bullets like that can bounce around inside you causing a ton of internal damage which makes me wonder how extensive the injuries are that Doucet inflicted on himself. Also I have to correct myself. Ipreviously said that Doucet only had four bullets. That was incorrect, he actually had 5. Police believe he had 4 targets in mind and the last bullet he was to save for himself.

Picture 6: He called himself the LCO Gunman. LCO stands for Larose-Cutoff. That’s kind of like giving yourself a nickname which only tools do.

Picture 8: The media makes a big deal that he had the names of several metal bands on his notebook. When I was in high school so did I. I’m more concerned over the fact that he had the letters BTK on his notebook. As in the BTK serial killer Dennis Rader. It could also stand for Born To Kill. Parents? Anyone?

Picture 12: The media and possibly police call this a poem by Doucet. It’s actually the lyrics to a song called Raining Blood by Slayer. Not an original thought in this kid’s head.

Picture 18: A news clipping from USA Today about the 10th Anniversary of Columbine. Doucet was more than likely 5 at the time of Columbine. But notice how lovingly it seems to be kept. There’s your mutantcy not to mention that again not an original thought in this kid’s head.

Picture 20: They say that he was into crime history. This has nothing to do with crime history. More than likely he was engaging in blood soaked fantasies about being some big time killer. Kind of ironic considering the only person he may end up killing is himself.

Now I’m sure someone is going to wail and gnash teeth claiming that Doucet must have been bullied. From all reports I’ve read he was teased no more or no less than any other student. To those people I say maybe just maybe this kid was nothing more than disturbed.

More details on Larose-Cutoff shooting

Sheriff Reveals Writings Of School Shooter:

Marilyn Manson Fan Shoots Himself:

The 15-year-old shooter is Justin Doucet. Currently he’s in a coma after shooting himself in the head.

Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre says that Doucet had a fascination with Columbine and the fact that it fell on Hitler’s birthday. So he’s officially now a mutant.

Allegedly he pointed the gun at the music teacher and tried to force her to say “Hail Marilyn Manson.” Doucet was allegedly a fan of the played out shock rocker.

I am not one of those people who think that Marilyn Manson caused this kid to open fire on the school and shoot himself. This kid obviously had other issues.

I wonder what the alleged parenting situation is.

La. teen fires at teacher, shoots self

Sheriff: Student Planned Attack On School:

Sheriff: La. 8th-grader planned school shooting:

A 15-year-old student of Larose-Cut Off Middle School in Larose, La. fired a shot at a teacher then went into the bathroom and shot himself in the head. The unidentified student is said to be in critical but stable condition. Luckily no one but the shooter was hurt.

After the shooting the police found the shooter’s journal which allegedly showed that the gunman planned on killing a number if people. However he only had 4 bullets for the .25 caliber gun which he stole from his father.

No word on motive yet but as always I’m sure it was something selfish. More on this as details become available.