Kik child porn group moderator: “Let’s keep it to 5-year-olds guys”

Kik child porn group moderator: "Let's keep it to 5-year-olds guys"

Justin Wayne Reid II

As you’re probably tired of hearing me mention, the mobile messaging app Kik has been documented to be crawling with sex offenders and pedophiles. More recently, it seems Kik has an even bigger problem with child porn collectors who occupy an increasing number of secret rooms among Kik dedicated to trading the vile imagery.

One such man who allegedly ran one of those groups was 56-year-old Justin Wayne Reid II of Campbell County, Virginia. Reid is accused of running a Kik chat room where the images of girls as young as 10 were said to be traded. Of course, Reid was said to be found with his own personal collection of child porn. However, it appears that Reid must have had somewhat of a conscience as he put his foot down as moderator

In the chat sessions, the warrant showed that Reid posted the following statement: “New Year, New Rule. Nothing under age of 5 allowed. Lets keep it 5 to 18.”

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Yes, because a 4-year-old being violated is so much more worse than a 5-year-old being violated, and yes that is indeed sarcasm. However, that’s how these deviants justify their repugnant behavior, much like the guy who called his child porn ‘nudist pictures’.

In case that’s not disturbing enough, I wonder how many of the girls in the group’s pictures gave these cretins their pictures through Kik since the app is so popular with teens? If you’re a parent and not checking for Kik and apps like it, it’s time to get on the ball before images of your kids end up in the hands of guys who draw the line at 4-year-olds.