Your child is not a S’More

CampFireMan accused of throwing son, 3, into campfire at Valens released on bail:

38-year-old Justin Wood (no pun intended) of Ontario was arrested for throwing his 3-year-old son onto a campfire. His son was of course burned but there are no reports on how extensive his injuries are.

One might think that this being Canada that alcohol would be involved however as the terms of his release, yes he actually bonded out, he has to take all his meds and continue psychological and medical treatment. So it sounds like he may have been off his meds and alcohol may still have been involved.

To all the parents out there who are on some kind of psych meds I’ve been on them for years now because of crippling depression. The docs finally dialed in the right med and I’ve never felt better. However just because you feel better doesn’t mean you should stop taking your meds. Mental issues aren’t like a cold. They just don’t go away because you took a few pills.

Thanks to Ashley for the tip.