Did Justin.tv stream child porn?

Justin.tv streams child porn: industry crackdown coming?:

Justin.tv started out as just one man, Justin Kan, who wore a cam on his cap and broadcast his life 24/7. Now it’s one of the biggest live streaming sites if not the biggest.

Now you can add it to the list of sites along with stickam and blogtv where predators roam.

Duncan Riley over at The Inquisitr has received substantial materials that indicate that not only did 13-year-old girls expose themselves on Justin.tv but also they were encouraged to do so by Justin.tv users. No nudity was included with those materials but one only has to read them to know that it happened.

Like stickam and blogtv, Justin.tv relies on users flagging inappropriate use to moderate their live streams.

Mr. Riley supposes that an industry crackdown is on its way. If you ask me it’s been a long time coming and couldn’t come soon enough.

And again this should also serve as a warning to parents that your underage kids do not need webcams and that their computers should always be kept in a place where parents can monitor them.

Parents, you are the last line of defense in protecting your kids from online predators and those predators aren’t necessarily creepy old men. They can be creepy teenagers as well.