3 charged in KC craigslist killing of man and burning his body

3 charged in KC craigslist killing of man and burning his body

Dozier and Wren (Not pictured: Tayelor Fitzpatrick)

The charred remains of 29-year-old Michael Luckey, of Osawatomie, Kansas, were found in his burnt out car in the driveway of an abandoned home in Kansas City, Missouri. Luckey allegedly went to Kansas City after responding to a craigslist ad for sex. Once he arrived at his destination three men identified as Micah Dozier, 18, Tayelor Fitzpatrick, 20, and Larry K. Wren III, 18, allegedly attempted to rob Luckey, but in the ensuing struggle Luckey was stabbed to death. The trio then reportedly put Luckey back in his car and moved the car to the abandoned home before setting it on fire. All three suspects have been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, and tampering with evidence.

I wasn’t able to find out if the fake ad was a casual encounters hook up ad or a straight up ad for prostitution. Yes, they still exist on craigslist. Let me give a word of advice to all the internet Lotharios out there. If it’s a casual encounters ad she’s more than likely a prostitute and looks nothing like her picture, and if she’s not a prostitute she’s actually a bunch of guys looking to rob and beat you. So unless you want to end up like so much Kansas City BBQ I suggest you try to meet women the honest way and not through places like craigslist.

Facebook vigilantes humiliate man waiting for his child at school

Facebook vigilantes humiliate man waiting for his child at school

In case you needed another reason why you shouldn’t share everything you see on Facebook, a Kansas City man was humiliated on Facebook after doing nothing more than walking.

A black man was waiting to pick up his child in school in order to walk the child home. While waiting, he decided to walk around the neighborhood when a local woman pulled up in her car, took a picture of the man and said “I got you.” She then allegedly posted the man’s picture on a neighborhood Facebook page with the warning that her neighbors should watch out for this man. The picture made it back to the man’s friends and family which he says has left him humiliated.

This man says he just wants to put it behind him, but if I was him I would be pursuing legal actions to make an example out of this woman for being such a racist, and for spreading such bullshit on the already polluted pages of Facebook.

In the past, I’ve posted about how such posts have ruined the lives of people, and even caused one man to take his own life. If you know someone who shares unfounded trash like this on Facebook, consider sharing this or any of the other stories with them. It may be blunt, but they probably deserve it.

KCK man tried to sell 2-year-old for sex on craigslist

KCK man tried to sell 2-year-old for sex on craigslist

Zachary Taylor Garrett

Even though this arrest happened late last month, there’s not a lot of details concerning this story. What is known is that late in June, 22-year-old Zachary Taylor Garrett, of Kansas City, Kansas, was arrested for allegedly attempting to sell a two-year-old child on craigslist for the purposes of someone having sex with the child.

What hasn’t been made public is Garrett’s relationship to the child, which was probably done to protect the child’s identity. However, it’s currently unknown if the child belonged to Garrett or not. Another detail that hasn’t been made clear is who placed the craigslist ad that Garrett responded to. One report states that the ad was posted by someone else but doesn’t go into much detail after that. Garrett allegedly offered the child to undercover investigators, but it’s unknown if they were the ones who posted the ad, and it’s unclear what the ad was requesting. Unfortunately, someone selling a child for sex on craigslist is not exactly an uncommon occurrence.

As I’ve long lamented, as long as craigslist refuses to moderate their ads depraved acts like this will continue to occur on its pages, and as long as we act indifferently towards craigslist they’ll continue to allow it.

UPDATE 7/21/2016: In an article I just found from back in June from Fox 4, Garrett’s neighbors say that he lived with a woman and the child and that the woman worked while he stayed home.

UPDATE 11/1/2016: Garrett pleaded guilty to raping the 2-year-old girl in order to ‘get her ready’ for someone else. This scumbag entered into a plea so the feds would drop their charges as long as he pleaded guilty to state charges and saw a sentence of at least 25 years. While this cretin deserves what he’s sown to be returned a hundredfold, he should get at least life without parole.

UPDATE 12/5/2016: Garrett was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Suspect in father’s KC craigslist killing captured

Suspect in KC father's craigslist killing captured

Fazon K. Swinton

I originally posted about the murder of 39-year-old father Jake Brantner here. Brantner was shot and killed in Kansas City while trying to sell a gun to a buyer from craigslist. His alleged killer was captured earlier this month and is said to be 18-year-old Fazon K. Swinton.

Swinton allegedly grabbed the gun without paying and ran off when both men produced guns and fired at each other. Brantner was gunned down in front of his 10-year-old daughter while Swinton later took himself to the hospital after being struck by a bullet from Brantner’s gun.

As I mentioned before, craigslist forbids firearms to be sold on their site but without any kind of moderation their ban doesn’t really mean a whole lot.

Father murdered in KC craigslist killing

Jake Brantner

Jake Brantner

39-year-old Jake Brantner of Lee’s Summit, Missouri was murdered recently in Kansas City. Brantner was believed to be meeting a potential craigslist buyer that he was said to be selling his gun to. Instead witnesses say that Brantner was shot to death while still in his car in front of his 10-year-old daughter.

Craigslist officially does not allow firearms to be sold through their website however since they do no moderating whatsoever it obviously happens anyway.

As of this time Jake Brantner’s killer is still walking free.

If you have any information or saw anything call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

Police are currently looking for a blue Ford Five Hundred with a sunroof.

Craigslist killing in Kansas City

Ali Cubba

Ali Cubba

Yuri Ives met his suspected teenage killer through a Craigslist personal ad:

Don’t let the baby boy looks fool you. According to police in Kansas City, Missouri 17-year-old Ali Cubba is a stone cold killer. Cubba has been arrested for the brutal stabbing and shooting murder of local realtor and community activist Yuri Ives, 48.

It seems that craigslist is living up to its cesspool of crime moniker as Cubba responded to a craigslist personal ad placed by Ives with the intention of robbing him. The robbery went bad and Cubba allegedly stabbed Ives and shot him with his own gun.

Also arrested was 18-year-old Zachary Kimbrell who was the driver in the botched robbery attempt.

Police found Ives’ gun in Cubba’s bedroom and that calls were made from Ives’ cell phone to Cubba.

Both Cubba and Kimbrell have been charged with second degree murder.

Again when you have a website that allows people to communicate with almost total anonymity it’s going to attract criminals from all over the spectrum from con artists to killers.

UPDATE 10/14/12: Cubba has been sentenced to 15 years for 2nd degree murder and 10 years for armed criminal action. Unfortunately the sentences are going to be served concurrently. What a joke.

Kid chews on PCP smokes

Kid Chews Mom’s PCP Cigarette, Goes into Cardiac Arrest:

That ravishing beauty is Velma C. Scott, age unknown, of Kansas City, Missouri. She’s been arrested for allowing her 21-month-old son to chew on PCP laced cigarettes. Scott denies the charges saying that “a friend” left the” cigarettes in the house which were found on the bathroom sink, the floor, and the living room couch. Apparently her “friend” is very clumsy with their cigarettes. They also found PCP in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

The child went into full cardiac arrest.

Now get this…

The boy’s aunt told police that the baby was born drug exposed and she believed her sister was high on PCP. The suspect’s sister said her nephew had not been “acting right” for several days.

Then call Child Services. Better to call and be wrong then not call and be right.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

KC cop nails criagslist child predator in risky sting

Cop’s Gutsy Gambit Nails Alleged Craigslist Child-Sex Predator:

This is a great article from Wired’s Threat Level blog about Kansas City, MO police officer John Howe and alleged child predator 33-year-old Chris Cockrell.

Basically Officer Howe placed a phony ad on craigslist offering children for sex. Cockrell replied hesitantly thinking he was being set up. Only the quick thinking of Officer Howe was able to bring Cockrell in.

This article is definitely a must read and just shows you what kind of culture exists in the dark recesses of craigslist.

Yet Jim Buckmaster says they’re making progress. I hope that sand he keeps sticking his head in doesn’t mess up his hair.

KC woman kills son by sitting on him

Police: Mom Sat On, Killed Son:

28-year-old Lakeesha Brown of Kansas City, Missouri is accused of killing her 7-year-old son Esmond Ross. Brown told police that she put her legs across his head but would not give a reason why.

Police say that this isn’t the first encounter they had with Brown as they say in 2003 she was stopped for walking dangerously close to traffic with a child in tow. They say she appeared to be on drugs at the time.

Esmond Ross’ father says that he was trying to get custody of his son but couldn’t afford a lawyer. That makes me wonder if this was one of those cases where the court automatically sides with the mother.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.