Kat Stoeffel calls out the Village Voice on their lies again


VVM Admits Underage Prostitution Exists, Maintains It’s Not Their Fault:

The term lies is my choice of words by the way.

Anyway my favorite reporter, Kat Stoeffel of the New York Observer, once again takes The Village Voice and Village Voice Media to task for their propaganda campaign to show that child prostitution on backpage.com isn’t that big of a deal.

She calls into question a Village Voice article written by Kristen Hinman that basically claims that most cases of child prostitution are voluntary.

Let me put it another way in case that didn’t sink in for you. VVM is saying in so many words that the victims of child trafficking are ‘asking for it’.

Also I hate to give away the ending of Ms. Stoeffel’s article but she has a great quote calling the Village Voice’s alleged journalistic ethics into question…

Is journalism that aligns with their business interests still valid?

I would hope that real journalists would say no.

Village Voice Media acknowledges my existence, calls me a twit-wit


A Peptic Response from the Powdered Aunt:

I previously posted about Kat Stoeffel’s article in the New York Observer here. In it Ms. Stoeffel questioned the journalistic integrity and objectivity of Village Voice Media owned papers when dealing with stories about craigslist. If you don’t know why that is it’s because Village Voice Media owns the craigslist competitor backpage.com which still has an adult services section where many women and children are trafficked.

It seems that Ms. Stoeffel got under the skin of Village Voice Media executive editor Michael Lacey. He referred to Ms. Stoeffel as “someone’s senile, toothless auntie” and had the following to say about her…

“Her dubious and fusty perspective ignores the fact that countless adult ads populate the web. In fact, thousands of adult ads merely changed categories within Craigslist itself.”

Mr. Lacey is citing the backpage credo of “since everyone else is doing it we can do it too.”

However Mr. Lacey doesn’t stop with Ms. Stoeffel. He also invokes the name of your favorite crime blogger who was interviewed for the article…

“Moms Stoeffel then summons a twit-wit, Trench Reynolds, an authority of such gravitas that he is an anonymous blogger. He alleges that in the wide open, Wild West world of the Internet, he is of the firm opinion that Backpage.com’s adult classifieds are not monitored. In fact, in just the past few months Backpage.com has spent millions of dollars policing content to attempt, for example, to keep underage kids out of adult listings.

Despite Trench’s professed lack of knowledge, which we do not doubt for a second, anyone looking at Backpage will notice the absence of nudity-merely one of thousands of changes over the past year.”

Twit-wit huh? This coming from the so-called bastion of journalism and first amendment rights that is Village Voice Media? How droll.

First off anonymous blogger is a misnomer. While I do use a pseudonym I am hardly anonymous. I’ve been interviewed and have appeared on some of the best news shows in the country. I don’t like to brag but these are facts.

Secondly if backpage has made any changes to the adult section they’ve been negligible at best and invisible at worst. I may not be a journalist in the classic sense of the word but I’ve been following craigslist and backpage crimes to know when I’m being bullshitted to by some douche in a suit. Scratch that. He probably doesn’t wear a suit but one of those popped collar shirts with gold chains. If not he sounds like he does.

Ms. Stoeffel also brings up a good point that I had completely forgotten about…

It bears mentioning that both the AIM Group and Mr. Reynolds were sources for a 2009 Village Voice story about Craigslist.

That’s absolutely right. I was interviewed by City Pages before I realized that they were a Village Voice Media owend outlet. I guess I do have some gravitas after all.

And lastly I will say this about Ms. Stoeffel. I have had the honor and privilege of talking to several journalists over the years. Ms. Stoeffel is one of a handful who seemed to be actually passionate about the story she was writing and not just because it was the latest hot story to write about. She obviously cares more about the women and children being trafficked on backpage than the sleaze at Village Voice Media do.

The NY Observer calls out Village Voice Media


Village Voice Media Getting Down and Dirty with Escort Ads:

This is an excellent article written by Kat Stoeffel of the New York Observer, which is an alt-weekly newspaper in New York City much like the infamous Village Voice.

In this article Ms. Stoeffel takes Village Voice Media to task in the objectivity department when it comes to stories related to craigslist. As I’m sure most of you know Village Voice Media owns the craigslist competitor backpage.com. Since craigslist shut down its adult/erotic services section backpage has become the leader in prostitution ads on the internet.

Ms. Stoeffel also details a history of VVM’s other shady business practices. It seems that the so-called champion of the people is more concerned with the bottom line.

She even interviewed an advocate who is knowledgeable about crimes being perpetrated on backpage…

The pseudonymous crime blogger Trench Reynolds aggregates news stories about crimes involving Backpage, in part because the stories often fail to get much attention beyond local papers. (And so far they have not been reported by VVM properties.) In April alone, he’s found three stories involving underage persons sold or solicited through the site.

“Backpage says they review, but they haven’t to my knowledge,” Mr. Reynolds told The Observer. “Whatever steps they say they’re taking, it doesn’t seem to me like they’re doing anything at all.”

I urge you to read the entire article. It’s nice to see that true journalism hasn’t died yet.