Katherine Ann Olson’s killer to stay behind bars

Michael John Anderson

Michael John Anderson

UPDATE: Supreme Court upholds Craigslist murder conviction:

Last week the Minnesota State Supreme Court upheld the murder conviction and life sentence of Michael John Anderson. Back in 2007 the then 19-year-old Anderson placed an ad on craigslist advertising for a nanny position that Katherine Ann Olson responded to. Instead of finding a job Ms. Olson found herself on the business end of a .357. Anderson then tried hiding her body in the trunk of her car. Police were able to track Anderson through Katherine’s cell phone records. Last year he was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

During the trial Anderson’s defense attorney wanted to use Anderson’s alleged Asperger’s syndrome as a defense. I say alleged not because of the syndrome but alleged because there was no medical evidence that Anderson had it. Again, that’s an insult to people with Asperger’s because with that kind of defense it makes it look like that anyone with Asperger’s is a killer waiting to happen. That is also what the appeal was based on too and luckily the Minnesota Supreme court saw through that defense.

Anderson gets life without parole

Life without parole for Craigslist killer:

Judge Mary Theisen handed down the sentence of life without parole for Michael John Anderson in the shooting murder of Katherine Ann Olson. She wasn’t shy in telling Anderson how she felt either…

“Why did you do this? You are the only one who knows and I won’t pretend to understand it,” Theisen said, adding that Anderson was a “coward” when he shot Olson — when Theisen believes she was “running for her life.”

“You have shown no remorse and I have no empathy for you,” Theisen said before handing down the life sentence. She added that Anderson must pay restitution of $6,500 from his prison wages to reimburse Olson’s family for her funeral expenses.

Anderson was emotionless as usual during his sentencing and did not say anything on his own behalf.

Anderson found guilty of murdering Katherine Ann Olson

Verdict: Craigslist killer planned to murder:

It took five hours but in the end the jury found Michael John Anderson guilty on all counts for murdering Katherine Ann Olson. Late last night the jury returned the verdict of guilty on the charges of first-degree murder, 2nd-degree murder and 2nd-degree manslaughter.

Sentencing is scheduled for 10:30 Minnesota time today and the 1st-degree murder charge carries a mandatory life sentence.

3rd inmate testifies in craigslist murder trial

Inmate testifies about accused Craigslist killer:

Another inmate that spent time with Michael John Anderson testified today in his trial for killing Katherine Ann Olson. 21-year-old Rory Pauly, who is a convicted drug felon, testified to Anderson’s behavior in jail. When Pauly asked Anderson why he doesn’t plead insanity Anderson allegedly said ‘Because then I’d have to pretend that I’m sorry.’

Like the other inmates who testified Pauly claims that he has made no deal with prosecutors.

Jurors will get the case tomorrow.

Anderson did not testify in his defense.

Juror dismissed in craigslist murder trial

Craigslist trial juror dismissed:

One of the jurors was dismissed from the trial of Katherine Ann Olson’s alleged murderer Michael John Anderson.

The juror became upset after Anderson’s attorney pointed a replica of the gun used to kill Katherine at the jury.

If I didn’t know better I’d swear the defense attorney is trying for a mistrial.

Other inmate testifies that Anderson bragged of murder

Cell mate: Anderson bragged about Craigslist notoriety:

Defense request to let jurors dry-fire gun in Craigslist murder trial rejected:

35-year-old Gregory Wikan also spent some time in jail with Michael John Anderson. Mr. Wikan is also a former professional cage fighter. He was in jail for violating his probation. Wikan testified that when word made the rounds that he was a cage fighter Anderson approached him.

He said Anderson told him: `I’m better known than you are.’

“I said, `Well good for you; I didn’t feel that it was it was a contest,”’ Wikan testified. “He asked me if I’d heard of the Craigslist murder…He was cold-faced; There was no expression.”

Wikan said he urged Anderson not to discuss the case, but Anderson said he didn’t care:

“He said they’re trying to put him away for a long time. They found a girl in the trunk, and (he said) he was pretty much guilty of it.”

Anderson’s attorney argued that this was just a ploy Anderson used to make himself appear tougher in jail to protect himself from physical or sexual assaults.

Wikan also claims that he made no deals for his testimony.

Wikan told the courtroom that he came forward with this information after he was released because “she could be somebody’s mom, somebody’s daughter…”

“I just felt I needed to do this if I had information that was important to the case,” Wikan said.

It also seems that Anderson’s attorney is trying to establish that the shooting was accidental because he asked a weapons expert how delicate the trigger to a .357 is and could it have gone off if dropped.

I’ve never fired a .357 before so any weapon enthusiasts out there feel free to weigh in.

Former inmate testifies in craigslist murder trial

Former inmate in jail with Craigslist suspect testifies:

21-year-old Joshua Young spent time in jail with Katherine Ann Olson’s alleged killer, Michael John Anderson. When he asked Anderson why he did it Young said “he wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.”

The defense immediately objected to this statement claiming that what Anderson actually said was “I wanted to know what it felt like.” The defense contends that Anderson was talking about sex.

Something the jury didn’t hear was a story about how Anderson crapped on another inmate’s food tray as a ‘practical joke’. Instead what the jury heard is that Anderson played practical jokes in jail.

If I was in jail on a murder charge I don’t think I would be playing practical jokes. Not only does it show that he’s not taking any of this seriously but it could get him hurt.

Young said he has made no deal in exchange for his testimony.

craigslist employee testifies in murder trial

Family, judge appear upset by Craigslist murder victim photos:

According to a customer service manager, whatever that is, for craigslist testified in the murder trial of Michael John Anderson. As you probably know Anderson is on trial for shooting and killing Katherine Ann Olson after luring her to his house using a fake job ad on craigslist.

The defense has contended that the shooting was accidental and that Anderson was using these phony job ads as a stupid way to meet women. However it seems that Anderson did know how to use the more common sections on craigslist that men use to find women…

But an ad posted three days before Olson was killed, sought a “no strings attached” relationship. Another advertised for “fresh faces for new video and adult web sites.” Still another said: “Looks and size don’t mean a lot to me. I’m not a little man, but not huge either.”

Maybe Anderson was frustrated at not being able to land a date and decided to take his frustrations out on someone who answered his phony job ads. Unfortunately the person that did was Katherine Ann Olson.

I’m still waiting to hear how the defense plans to explain that the shooting was accidental.

More testimony in Minn. craigslist murder trial

I have to specify now because there’s been another craigslist murder but more on that later…

Accused Craigslist killer’s mom: ‘He’s quiet’:

Micheal John Anderson’s mother, Barbara Anderson, testified to her son’s unemotional behavior.

“He’s quiet. He really doesn’t talk much,” Barbara Anderson said under questioning from Chief Deputy Scott County Attorney Ron Hocevar. She said he little to say, “same as always,” when he returned home from work at the airport hours after allegedly killing Olson and nonchalantly asked her to wash his jacket, saying he had spilled jet fuel on it.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? It sounds like the old stories of people who lived next to serial killers who would say of their neighbor “He was always the shy, quiet type.” If I’m not mistaken isn’t that kind of detached behavior a sign of a sociopath?

The defense also tried bolstering their theory that Anderson just wanted to meet a girl by having Mrs. Anderson testify that two of Anderson’s siblings met their significant over the internet. You know there are other sites for that even an entire other section of craigslist for that as well.

The prosecution presented the letter that Anderson sent his father to allegedly offer someone $30K to take the fall for him. Law enforcement officers also testified to Anderson’s responses during questioning about Katherine Ann Olson’s murder.

“Are you a witness to this?” Nawrocki asked.

“Yep.” Anderson responded, tossing his hat onto the table. “A friend of mine thought it would be funny.”

I still don’t see how anyone could possibly argue that this was nothing more than a thrill kill.

craigslist murder trial starts

Defense: Shy youth’s desire for sex led to ‘Craigslist’ killing:

Defense: Death Was Accidental In Craigslist Murder:

Prosecutor says defendant said ‘I’m famous. I’m the Craigslist murderer’:

The trial started yesterday for the murder of Katherine Ann Olson. If you’ll recall Olson was shot and killed by Michael John Anderson after she responded to his ad on craigslist for a nanny position. The ad itself was said to be placed by a woman named Amy who needed a nanny for her 5-year-old daughter. Except there was no Amy and there was no girl. It was a phony ad placed by Anderson to lure someone to his house. Sometime after Olson got to Anderson’s house he shot her and then disposed of her body.

In opening statements Anderson’s defense claimed that the shooting was an accident and that this was Anderson’s bizarre way of trying to meet women. He had previously placed other craigslist employment ads for things like ‘sexy voiced models’ while Anderson posed as a photographer. You know as much as I deride craigslist there are other means of using the site to get laid without luring unsuspecting women to your house, but I digress. How he eventually ended up shooting her by the defense’s think has yet to be revealed.

The prosecution however claims that Anderson set up Olson for murder from the beginning and that this was basically a thrill kill. They say that when a friend asked Anderson why he didn’t plead insane he allegedly said “Because I’d have to pretend I’m sorry.” The prosecution also alleges that Anderson bragged to other inmates that he was the ‘Craigslist Killer’ and that he killed Olson to see what it felt like.

The defense is trying to get the charge down to 2nd or 3rd degree murder. 2nd degree carries a sentence of 26 years while 3rd degree carries a sentence of 8 1/2 years. First degree murder, which is what the prosecution is hoping for, carries a sentence of life without parole.

I’m very curious to see how the defense plans on explaining how this possibly could have been an accidental shooting.