Columbine depositions to remain sealed

Court upholds decision to keep Columbine depositions sealed:

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a decision that depositions given by the parents of the Columbine shooters remain sealed in the National Archives for 20 years.

Previously U.S. District Judge Lewis T. Babcock ordered the depositions sealed after families of the victims among others had requested that the depositions be made public. The depositions were given by Wayne and Kathy Harris, the parents of Eric Harris, and Thomas and Susan Klebold, the parents of Dylan Klebold. They’re from a civil lawsuit that the family of Columbine victim Daniel Rohrbough filed against the killers’ parents.

In the new ruling attorneys argued that since the records were made by a court that they qualify under the Federal Records Act. The court disagreed stating the depositions should have been returned to the people who made them. If that had happened I’m sure they’d be nothing but ash by now.

Judge Babcock originally ruled that way stating that if the depositions were to be made public that would inspire a whole new generation of school shooters. I disagree. In case you haven’t noticed school shooters and would be shooters don’t need some depositions to find inspiration. You would need to erase the memories of Columbine and every school shooting since from everyone on the planet before they would no longer find inspiration. The private journals of both cowardly scumbag killers has been released and that didn’t cause an outbreak of shootings.

Conversely I think it would benefit greatly if the depositions were made public. We could learn from the Harrises and Klebolds mistakes in their parenting techniques on how to tell if our children are on a dangerous path like those of the killers.

Now there will just have to be a 20 year wait for that knowledge. I still say if any school shooting deaths happen between now and then that the blood will be on the hands of Judge Babcock.


Gunman’s Parents Don’t Object to Seal:

Here’s a shocker. Eric Harris’ parents, Wayne and Kathy Harris, have no problem with their depositions being sent to the National Archives for 25 years.

Depending on the final details, Wayne and Katherine Harris do not oppose storing the depositions under seal “in order to bring closure to this matter,” their attorney, Michael Montgomery, said Wednesday in a court filing.

Closure for who? Not the victims’ families obviously. The Harrises don’t deserve closure. They let their psychopath son develop his deadly plan for over a year. As far as I’m concerned they’re just as responsible for the deaths of the 13 victims at Columbine as their cowardly son is.

The depositions should be unsealed immediately.

Harris House Sold

Parents of Columbine killer sell home:

A little bit less than a year ago I did an entry about the house of Eric Harris was up for sale. Well, the house has been finally sold. What I found funny about the article is that it states that realtors did not have to reveal that Eric Harris lived there, or that he stored his guns and bombs there before launching the Columbine massacre. Yet the article mentions the name of the people who bought the house. If they didn’t know before I’m sure they know now. I was hoping someone would bulldoze the house after they bought it but I guess that’s not going to happen.

Harris House For Sale

Eric Harris’ Parents Selling Home Near Columbine:

The parents of Eric Harris have put their house up for sale. The house where guns and bombs were stored. The house where all it would have taken was for Wayne and Kathy Harris to look in on their son and Columbine would have been prevented. They’re asking roughly $270,000 for it. The realtor does not have to disclose what happened in the house. Two realtors are not allowed to show the property. That would be Rich Petrone, the stepfather of Danny Rohrbough who was killed at Columbine, and Randy Brown, the father of Brooks Brown who was threatened by Eric Harris. I wonder why they wouldn’t want those two showing the house. Maybe because this way they don’t have to look them in the eye and explain why they failed to prevent their son from killing one of theirs. If I had FU money I’d buy the house and have it immediately demolished. Hopefully, someone who does have that kind of money will do the same.