Shelby, NC couple charged in 2-year-old’s death

Parents jailed for toddler’s child abuse death:

20-year-old Kathy Lynn Swafford and her new husband, 42-year-old Dwight Stacey Justice, have both been arrested in the death of Swafford’s son, 2-year-old Jeremiah Ray Swafford.

When paramedics were called to the house for Jeremiah being unresponsive it was reported that he had a giant bruise on his forehead.

Doctors determined that Jeremiah was killed by blunt force trauma among other injuries.

Swofford’s family suspected abuse and took Jeremiah to the hospital but he was returned to his mother and Cleveland County social services would not get involved.

Thanks to Southern Lady for the tip.

UPDATE: According to this article Swofford denies responsibility in Jeremiah’s death but according to family she showed no remorse in court.

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