Kayla Hassel: Mad and sad

‘I Was Mad And I Felt Bad,’ Videotaped Beating Suspect Says:

One of the suspects in the Victoria Lindsay has had her statements to an assistant state attorney released to the press. 15-year-old Kayla Hassel seems to be claiming that she’s a victim.

She talks about how she was mad and felt bad after she saw the video after her release and how she’s had unwanted attention because of it. She also claims that it was never anyone’s intention to post the video to MySpace or YouTube. Right, what else do kids do with videos like this?

Hassel also turns on Brittani Hardcastle by saying it was Hardcastle that was encouraging others to beat Victoria. She also said that she was afraid of getting between the two because of how little she is.

I guess she thinks it’s all about her. Just like the rest of them.