Bed-wetting, leads to water boarding

Mother accused of dunking child in cold water as punishment

Kellee Medina plunged daughter 6 freezing water charged with abuse

Kellee Medina plunged six-year-old daughter into freezing water as punishment for wetting the bed

Kellee Medina (27) of Missouri has been charged with abuse after she forced her 6-year-old daughter to endure a form of water boarding torture.  When Kellee’s daughter had wet the bed, she became so upset she put her daughter into freezing cold water and held her under. 

Medina reportedly brought her daughter to the E.R. after she blacked out from the punishment.  According to doctors her body temperature had dropped to 92.4f.  Medical experts said a body temperature below 95f is life threatening.  Fortunately the doctors were able to get her temperature back up, however they also discovered a head injury.  It appears she fell down the stairs attempting to flee from her belt-wielding mother.

I ask you who does this?  Who thinks that a suitable form of punishment for an accident, and bed-wetting is an accident, is to submerge their child in freezing water?  I mean seriously now, get angry much there mom?  Jeez!

Medina is being held on $20,000 bon and has been charged with child abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

Medina’s other two children (aged 3 and 4) have been taken into care of CPS.