Va. man poses as UVA coed on Facebook

James A. Dollins

James A. Dollins

Louisa man accused of soliciting boys through fake Facebook account:

In Louisa County, Virginia a grand jury has indicted 42-year-old James A. Dollins of Gordonsville, Virginia for allegedly soliciting underage boys for sex or child porn through Facebook.

The indictment states that Dollins posed as a 19-year-old coed from the University of Virginia named Kelly Redkin on Facebook complete with pictures and personal information.

Dollins is so creepy he sent one of his victims a package, and I can only imagine what must have been in it. Some other victims he more or less stalked at a shopping mall and left a note on their car.

As many of these stories that I’ve posted I am always amazed at the lengths that these lowlifes will go to in order to get their pedo kicks. Not surprised but amazed.