Brooklyn man charged with having sex with upstate NY teen he met on Facebook

 Kenneth Figueroa

Kenneth Figueroa

Man arrested for raping local teen he met on Facebook:

Man charged with having sex with teen he met through Facebook:

Romeo over there is 23-year-old Kenneth Figueroa of Brooklyn, NY. He’s accused of traveling from Brooklyn to Monroe County in Upstate NY and having sex with a 15-year-old girl he met on Facebook. Again my fingers wanted to type MySpace but it was Facebook. Anyway Figueroa allegedly made that 7-hour trip at least twice to have sex with the girl.

And for extra creepy points the ‘relationship’ was found out by her parents when Figueroa followed the girl and her family out-of-state when they went on vacation. Cape Fear anyone?

But give extra style points to police. Figueroa allegedly recorded the pair having sex on the girl’s cell phone. Since he gave the phone back to the girl he’s been charged with disseminating child porn.

What’s a matter loverboy? Did the Brooklyn girls your own age whip your ass or something?

And parents again just because your kids may not be on MySpace anymore does not mean that Facebook is any safer.