Illinois man charged with posting child porn to Tumblr

Forest Park man charged with posting child porn on Tumblr:


Kenneth Sims

29-year-old Kenneth Sims of Forest Park, Illinois, was recently arrested for allegedly posting child porn to the blogging site Tumblr under the account name “addicted-to-cuties”. Police say they took 16 flash drives worth of images and videos of child porn from Sims’ Tumblr site. Even if they were all 1GB flash drives 16GB, even if all videos, is way too much child porn that should be existing in Tumblr.

Investigators were contacted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children after they received a tip. In the past, the NCMEC has received tips from Tumblr itself but there was no word if this was the case here.

But Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is the deal with the child porn scum posting to Tumblr? The last 3 stories I posted about Tumblr had to deal with child porn. What makes them think that it won’t be discovered on Tumblr especially considering that Tumblr’s corporate overlord, Yahoo, has a vested PR interest in making sure that crap does not exist on their site.

As far as parents should be concerned I wouldn’t worry too much about Tumblr. Just make sure you keep an eye on your kids’ accounts and who is interacting with them and you should be ok. What’s that? You say your kid doesn’t have a Tumblr account? That’s cute. Yes, they do.