Fake PI pimped out dog on craigslist

Kevin Michael Sianez

Kevin Michael Sianez

I bet there’s a headline you’d never thought you’d see.

SoCal PI charged with fraud, bestiality conspiracy:

Former police officer facing fraud, intimidation charges:

53-year-old Kevin Michael Sianez is a former police officer who is in trouble for running a private detective agency in Orange County, California without a license and defrauding most of his clients. But that’s not what lands him here. Nosireebob.

Mr. Siaenz is on the pages of this here fine website because he allegedly placed ads on craigslist looking for women who want to have sex with his dog, specifically a Lab. He supposedly had responses to his ad too. It’s unknown if he actually got any women to have sex with his dog. But who the hell would actually respond to an ad like that? Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. I can only imagine what the ads must have said.

But now it’s time to flog the deceased equine again. Why was the ad not flagged? Was it so cleverly worded that it got past the ‘community policing’? Or was it because the community really does no policing on craigslist?